In the statement made on the website of the club, it was stated that the sponsorship agreement between the burgundy-blue club and the packaged water brand Erikli has been extended for another year. “If you decide to come side by side as two brands, of course you need to share the values ​​that are of great importance. I think Erikli adds strength to our team with its brand power. The contribution of our young and dynamic team is undoubtedly to the quality of water. We are very comfortable with the Erikli brand that we trust. great happiness because of we hear. As a brand that originates from these lands and takes its place in the hearts of its consumers, we believe in the unifying and pleasing power of football. Trabzonspor, with its 50 years of history, is one of the most colorful pieces of our country’s football mosaic. We are very happy to be with the “Black Sea Storm” on their journey with the slogan #YanYana. I wish our athletes and teams a healthy and enjoyable season these days, when we feel the value of health more than ever. “Seyhanlı stated that Erikli once again demonstrated his belief in the positive impact of sports on society with the agreement they made with Trabzonspor, and the sponsorship agreement also includes marketing and communication activities. quoted.


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